Dear PPAS Community, 

After over a week long period of Pupil Path being down, we finally have it restored, at least on the web-based user platform and for grades and attendance.  This was a citywide issue.  Only the web-based application is running – the app should be back soon.  We are sending communication via the website as the emailing system in Pupil Path remains unavailable.  Here are some updates with regards to communication we wanted to send last week.

COVID updates:  Although incidents of positive cases seem to be slowing somewhat at PPAS in the last five days, we have had a large number of cases over the last two weeks.  On Friday we gave ALL present students take home antigen tests whether or not they were identified as Close Contacts, and encourage the students to test Friday night and then again yesterday or today.  Please let us know if your child tests positive.  Again, here is a summary of the new policies:

– Students that test positive must quarantine for 10 days starting the day after sign of first symptoms or the day of the test, whichever comes first.  Please let the school know and we will help you determine the return date.

– For the 10 days of forced quarantine students official attendance will be marked present (with a special code).  Period attendance on Pupil Path will continue to be marked absent but this is just for your information.

– Students in forced quarantine should check their Google Classrooms every day and email teachers directly if any more information is needed or students have questions.

– Students that are identified as Close Contact will receive two antigen take-home tests, the first to be taken the day it was given, the 2nd five days later.  No school-based identified close contacts are required to quarantine

– Home based close contacts must quarantine for 10 days. They may also take a take home or other COVID test after the 5th day of quarantine, and if negative can return on the 8th day of quarantine.

Last Day of Semester 1 is Friday January 28th.  Report cards for Semester 1 will be issued on Friday, February 3rd.  Semester 1 of this school year, is the first year where the policy of issuing incomplete grades (NX) is no longer in place since the start of the pandemic.  If any student is at risk of failing a class, they must complete all required work and/or meet learning standards by January 28th or they will have to repeat the class or make it up in the future with another similar credit.  Students need to be diligent about completing there classes now that we are in fully attended and supported school.

There is NO SCHOOL on Monday, January 31st (Teacher professional learning day) nor February 1st (Lunar New Year -school holiday).

MLK Day and Black History Month:  I hope that ALL community members had some time to reflect on the great contributions of our African American brothers and sisters over the MLK holiday weekend, especially within our community of performing arts, and throughout the centuries long experience and struggle of Black Americans.  As we move into Black History Month, there will be various curricular elements and performances that celebrate African American culture and heritage and their significance to our society.  Stay tuned for more details.