Apply to PPAS Middle School

All students interested in applying to PPAS for Middle School are invited to attend our open auditions. Here is the audition schedule:

Saturday, January 11th:

Session 1: Last name begins with A-F 8:00 AM
Session 2: Last name begins with G-M 12:00 PM

Sunday, January 12th:

Session 3: Last name begins with N-R 8:00 AM
Session 4: Last name begins with S-Z, 12:00 Noon

Students will receive an audition score that will count for 50% of the screening criteria. Below is a chart of all the criteria that will be used.

Audition Score 50%
4th grade core class grades:
ELA, social studies, math and science
Attendance 20%
ELA/Math state test scores 10%

Audition Requirements

All applicants must prepare the following for their audition:

A monologue:

  • 1 minute max
  • The monologue can be from a play, a movie, a monologue book, or something you’ve written.
  • Choose a character close to your age and/or life experience, show us your range, and know who you are talking to in your imagination and why.

A song:

  • 16 bars max
  • No sheet music needed, as you will be singing without music
  • The song should be classical, gospel, or from a musical

For dance:

Wear clothing that is comfortable to move in. There will be a dance assessment – nothing to prepare for. You may wear jazz or ballet shoes but they are not required.

Also lease bring the following to the audition:

• A photo – headshot or close up photo (4X6 picture or color Xerox or printed photo is acceptable). Photos are only used for clerical purposes like matching face to paperwork for the auditors. Photos are not judged. Photos will not be returned to you.

• The most recent copy of your IEP if applicable.

• A black or blue pen

✓ Please arrive on time.

✓ The audition will take approximately 2 hours, including some wait time. Parents are welcome to wait at the school or drop off and pick up. Students can also leave the building on their own when they are finished, so please make plans accordingly.

Additional Information About Applying to the PPAS Middle School:

PPAS will not see where you have ranked us on the Middle School Application, therefore, ranking is not a factor in our decision to accept students. You should rank your schools in the order of true preference. Your ranking is a factor for the final Office of School Enrollment placement, but no middle school will see your MS Application ranking of schools.

  • If you do not have 4th grade NYS ELA/Math scores, the 10% weight will be shifted to core class grades. If you only have one of the tests, that score will count for 5% of the weight and the other 5% will be shifted to core class grades. Therefore, students without test grades are not penalized in our screening process.
  • If a student has absences on their record for professional performance work and it was not excused by your elementary school, you may provide documentation from the professional production company for assessment at PPAS. Specific days must be noted on the documentation for it to count toward a reassessment of attendance. Absences for any other reason must be handled by your current elementary school.
  • Based upon the screening criteria outlined above, approximately 100 students will be invited to a callback audition. Students called back for an audition will be ranked based purely upon the callback audition.
  • There are 32 available seats in 6th grade.
  • PPAS does NOT have a sibling policy.