Apply to PPAS Middle School

Principal’s Message to 5th Grade Students and Parents Considering PPAS for Middle School:

Dear 5th Grade Students and Parents,

Perhaps the most important question for you to answer before deciding on the schools that you apply to for Middle School is, “Is this the right school for me?” or in the case for parents, “Is this the right school for my child.”

This question is especially important when considering schools that have a unique core mission. Our mission at PPAS is to train students in a diverse and rigorous performing arts program that mandates dance, singing and acting. It is a musical theater program.

• Students are required to study ballet and other forms of dance: tap, jazz, contemporary with professional instructors and to wear appropriate attire including ballet tights and shoes. Students will perform dances in front of live audiences.

• Students are required to study theater history and understand the nuances of the scripts they memorize for performance in front of class mates and audiences.

• Students are required to learn musical theater and classical music assigned to them by teachers, and then perform them in front of classmates and live audiences.

It is essential that you look at the details of our middle school arts curriculum posted on this page to understand the expectations of the program. A passion for the arts is essential – especially musical theater; a willingness to work hard to master all musical theater disciplines will be required. PPAS is a wonderful opportunity for students and families that want performing arts to be at the core of their educational experience. PPAS provides an environment of disciplined focus and work in the area of classical and contemporary musical theater.

Here are some things we do NOT have at PPAS:
• We do not have any instrumental classes, or any band program.
• We do not have a technical theater program.
• We do not have a visual arts program.
• We do not teach or perform popular music (rock, pop, R&B, etc.)
• We do not have sports.

Commuting to school is something many families overlook in the process. PPAS is a citywide program, but we urge you to consider carefully whether or not a commute of over an hour is manageable for you.

We so look forward to welcoming a focused and passionate group of young musical theater performers to our 6th grade class this coming September. Thank you.

Keith Ryan

Middle School Curriculum Map

Virtual Tour of PPAS (YouTube)

Virtual Open House Equity Advocate

Please note that information on applying and auditioning to PPAS for September 2021 will be posted here once we are provided the following details from the NYC Department of Education:

  • Timeline for the middle school application, including the application deadline.
  • Details and timeline for middle school fairs and other events.
  • Timeline for middle school offers.

Please continue to check back at this page for updated details about applying/audition for PPAS, and ask your current elementary school when information will be available to you regarding the NYCDOE middle school application process.