PPAS Google Classroom Codes

Humanities 9 with Sale: uud37yf
Humanities 10 with Pourghasemi: hfv66zx
Room 302 ICT Resource Room: 5my3n5i
Testerman’s 12th grade Humanities courses combined in one google classroom: zgimll2
6th Grade Science – rvfutlg ; 6th Grade History – iukuven ; 7th Grade History – jjponmu ; 8th Grade History – lsulhfw
Drama 2 – Acting
6th Grade Math Code: cmui627
7th Grade Math Code: 4ktrr3d
SAT Math Code: 5ch2wpr
Voice & Speech II section 1 (4en6x32)
Voice & Speech I Section 2 (w6cw5xw)
Drama 1
Drama 3
Trig/Alg 2 Period 2: 6tibwwk
Trig/Alg 2 ICT Period 5: t5zax3z
Trig/Alg 2 Period 6: 6ag7d3y
Trig/Alg 2 Period 7: t2kai7z
Trig/Alg 2 Concepts Period 3: somz3u3
Humanities – 9 Sale (period 5/6) zgod23h
Humanities -9 Sale Devine (period 2/3) uud37yf
AP chemistry ikatcpe
chem pd. 2 tz4354t
chem pd. 5 qowwkb3
chem pd. 6 cnsej23
forensics ebwwn6i
7th grade science re65d4b
11th grade Humanities with Jaffe and Monroig code: kgzmoms
6th grade History with D’Amico and Monroig code: iukuven
Mussman Humanities 2/3 and 5/6 with Monroig code: hpmekik
8th Grade Spanish Period 1- j2b34jn
Level 1 Spanish Period 2- hrjl2qz
Level 1 Spanish Period 3- nkek2w7
Level 1 Spanish Period 5- kg3znq5
Level 2 Spanish Period 7- ru42m36
Psychology 1st period fhxuhx5
11th Grade Humanities kgzmoms
12th Grade Humanities Periods 6 and 7 raxipqh
AP Bio – cgpxmek
Living Environment Period 3 – bznzunf
Living Environment Period 5 – (Gatton/Cho) – o7fzkjf
Living Environment Period 6 – uqwgwua
Human Biology Period 7 – zgsuavi
Humanities with Pourghasemi/Devine, code = hfv66zx
DR4 Devising- wzyuv2i
8th grade history lsulhfw
Algebra concepts. 443f37d
6th grade Science rvfutlg
7th grade math 4ktrr3d
Earth Science. yucxos5
ICT Skills/resources 5my3n5i
Voice & Speech II CVS84-01, Voice & Speech I CVS82-02
AP Lit: nry6s57
801 ELA: 3e6pygj
7th ELA: eq5pom2
802 ELA: fnzgdrk
6th ELA: ouygf4f
Earth Science Period 2- nv77wba

Earth Science Period 3- zbzob54
Earth Science Period 5- yucxos5
Earth Science Period 6- fqvivkt
Earth Science Period 9- wj2w4nc
Physics- glih64b
10th Grade Humanities Period 1/2 – r7u63wu
10th Grade Humanities Period 6/7 – drw7uj7
AP United States History – q3qx3l3
Research Studies_period 5: 7wykhx7
Research Studies_period 7: ntoudke
V&S Drama 3 section A code huug4co
V&S Drama 3 section B code nu4iwsy
V&S Drama 4 section A code uiie5nl
V&S Drama 5 section B code ky3laot
Beavan/Kaufman 6th Grade Math: cmui627 Joe/Kaufman 7th Grade SS: jjponmu
Introduction to Theater (9th grade): lpuy7pb
Theater History I (10th grade): fhxymhu
Theater History II (11th grade): ejdkyoq
7th Grade Computer Science
Code: wfmjolt
Algebra 1
Code: laa7adu
Algebra 1 ICT with Ms. Dave
Code: 2jo3htg
Health – Independent Study: 5raolua
Voice 3 – 801 – hcnoxb6
Voice 3 – 802 – vlmpmpk
Conn/Fife 10th grd humanities: 2yckvrm
12th grade humanities: zzgvh5s
Issues to Action/Immigration changing Times: cihrkor
Pre-Calculus: riargo6
AP Calculus: 6bn5hdh
Algebra Concepts: 443f37d